Time is the enemy of beauty. When you are 25, your skin begins its aging process but only when you are 30, the signs of aging are clearly visible. That is why when women are 30, there appear wrinkles and sagging on the face, looking them old clearly. Then, facelift is the best aesthetic choice for you.

Facelift using bio-thread is a comprehensive and instantaneous skin rejuvenation method which is completely non-surgical, non-invasive and originated from Switzerland and is currently popular in countries such as Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. With this method, the doctor will use bio-thread to insert into the skin tissues, stretching the skin sagging while lifting the entire external muscle area, rejuvenating the whole face. These thread fibers will support the structure of the skin tissues, activating the fibroblast system’s activities so that the body may self-restore and collagen growth naturally, helping you regain the youth with youthful face, rejuvenated skin, no wrinkles, safety, no invasion and prolonged results.


  • Women (> 30 years old), aging skin, sagging skin.
  • Big square face.
  • V-line natural shaping.
  • Cases of facelift that do not want surgery.
  • With the desire to regain youthful, firm, natural toned skin.


  • Removing all wrinkles in the canthus, corners of the mouth, frontal area, and neck area.
  • Lifting skin, tightening skin, removing chin fat, lifting face muscle and sagging neck, shaping slim V-line face.
  • Raising the eyebrows, raising eyelid ptosis, making the face bright and elegant.


  • Five to ten years younger.
  • It delivers optimal skin lifting effect by using special bio-thread to insert into the skin, attach to the tissue under the skin and effectively lift the sagging skin.
  • Results maintain stable and last long. Bio-thread will self-annihilable for 12-18 months, but it continues to stimulate new collagen production mechanism for a long time.
  • Highly effective with wrinkles and sagging skin condition.
  • Effective immediately after treatment and increasingly effective over time.

* Treatment results may vary depending on the physique and habitus of each person


The doctor examines the condition of the patient’s skin before treatment.

Analyzing the structure of sagging skin and grooves.

Applying anesthetic to help the patient to relieve pain for 30 minutes.

Lifting the skin with just 60 minutes.


  • Drink a lot of water every day; eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Healthy lifestyle, avoid staying up late.
  • Avoid the sunlight, actively using sunscreen.
  • Do not implement any other laser treatment in a month.
  • Do not massage, steam or have strong effects for 30 days after treatment.