Developed by CC Clinic’s doctors as a perfect therapy for skin problems. The combination of modern lasers and the concentration of essential nutrients helps to bring a youthful, smooth and vital skin.


  • Hyaluronic – the leading active element. It is the main element in the skin and responsible for moisturizing, locating the structure, balancing and restoring skin lesions.
  • 12 types of vitamins (A, B, C, E …) – elements stimulating the important functions of cells.
  • 23 Amino Acids – Promoting protein production, boosting elastin and collagen.
  • 6 minerals, 6 coenzymes, 5 nucleic acids, and 2 antioxidants – increasing the life and durability of the cell walls.


  • The treatment course lasts 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Combined and affected by the laser suitable for the condition of the skin that the doctor has examined and indicated.
  • Then, the superior nutrients of CC Implement are penetrated into the skin with Ionto method by specialists.
  • Solving problems caused by the aging process: wrinkles, brown spots due to hyperpigmentation, tan skin, etc.
  • The result is clear after treatment: skin is smooth, uniform color; skin structure is firm.

* Treatment results may vary depending on the physique and the habitus of each person.


  • No pain, no injury, no rest time.
  • Quick effect.
  • Natural and clear results over time.


Independent testing by a research center in France has yielded excellent results: 90% protection against free radicals (anti-aging), 265% collagen synthesis, 366% elastanse expressing inhibitory genes.

The skin of the participants give impressive results after treatment: 72% of participants reducing wrinkles effectively, 103% improving myotonus, 132% increasing hydration, 144% improving skin smoothness.

* Treatment results may vary depending on the physique and habitus of each person.