Large pore condition

One of the worst signs of aging is the large pores. This sign is especially common in women who own acne skin, oily skin and mixed skin. This condition is clear in the hot and humid weather, as in tropical countries, and Vietnam is one of them.

In addition, this is a sign of acne degeneration. After having acnes, the pores are dilated; Collagen structure is broken, causing the skin to lose elasticity and the pores not to tightly close.

Understanding the above factors and with the desire to care and bring a perfect skin for women, CC-clinic has updated the latest method, the latest high-tech specialized beauty therapy from Japan, “CC-RE PORE”. This therapy is a breakthrough combination of fruit amino acids and recovery laser.


  • Changing and reconstructing the structure. The amino acids from the fruits help completely eliminate the negative aspects on the skin such as acne, melasma, etc. Then the skin is affected more deeply by the rejuvenation rays, helping to improve each structure of the skin.
  • Tightening pores, long lasting effect. With rejuvenating laser, your skin will be completely refreshed. The laser lightly penetrates the skin, perfectly tightens the pores, boosts collagen, increases elasticity and help preserve the pores.
  • Bright, smooth, uniform color, clear, no sebum.


  • Effective up to 80%, long lasting.

* Treatment results may vary depending on the physique and habitus of each person.

  • No pain.
  • No rest time.
  • No skin damage.