Despite having a nice face, smooth white skin, long legs, you do not feel confident. Why so?

The main cause is the appearance of subcutaneous tiny blood vessels (capillaries), more or less, losing also aesthetics. So let’s find out what the phenomenon is!

What is the telangiectasia? What is its symptom?

Telangiectasia is a phenomenon in which blood vessels are enlarged, including small blood vessels (capillaries) and peripheral veins.

The symptom is the enlarged blood vessels as the spider vein under the skin; the skin with capillaries has the more intense color. Telangiectasia often occurs in thin, weak, vulnerable skin such as the tip of the nose, cheeks, the temples, along the jaw, under the cheeks. Some areas of the enlarged and meandering blood vessels are around the legs, behind the legs and back outer thigh.

It is not difficult to diagnose shallow telangiectasia, but it is important to identify the cause for exclusion, and the choice of treatment is very important.


– Cosmetics abuse: The direct use of poor-quality cosmetics on the skin will affect the blood vessels, resulting in the telangiectasia. Thus, the tiny red or purple blood vessels appear under the skin.

– Genetic cause or hormonal disorders: Women who have just given birth to a child often have thin skin and enlarged blood vessels, etc. Skin surface appears tiny red blood vessels under the skin.

– Impact of sunlight: Sunlight will cause dry skin, dehydration, quick skin aging, and enlarged blood vessels.

– Age causing telangiectasia: The older you are, the more aged the skin is. Skin aging results in thin skin, reduced resistance of blood vessel walls and enlarged blood vessels.


At present, there are many treatment methods of telangiectasia, such as cold application, surgery, drugs, creams, etc. However, it can be seen that these methods cost a lot of time and money; however, the results are not really good. In 2016-2017, long-pulse laser treatment technology is introduced and considered as the most modern method, providing extremely convincing treatment effectiveness: highly safe, quick and inexpensive. Long-pulse laser emits high energy, allowing deep and prolonged impacts on the tissues, deep enough in the blood vessels, thus narrowing the treated capillaries and blood vessels, removing these blood vessels after twice or four times of treatment.


  • Treatment of 100% of subcutaneous telangiectasia
  • Safe and non-irritating to skin, not causing hurt
  • No pain, no need of rest
  • Outstanding effectiveness of skin regeneration
  • No side effects
  • The skin becomes brighter and more uniform.
  • The surrounding skin is not affected.
  • Stimulating the cell growth, creating fresh, smooth skin with no scars

CC Clinic believes that with its most modern technology, it will contribute to making Vietnamese beauty more perfect.