Nowadays, despites having bright and white skin without acne, many people are not confident because the tiny blood vessels appear on the face and limbs. It is a manifestation of peripheral vascular disease or also called telangiectasia. This condition, though, does not cause great influence on health; it affects the quality of life.

Telangiectasia usually occurs in people with weak thin skin. Causes are aging skin, sunlight, cosmetics abuse (creams, whitening creams, etc.), using cosmetics containing many chemicals, corticoid, alkaline and acids.

Treatment requires the application of high technology to deeply penetrate the skin and eliminate the blood vessels.

CC Clinic uses RF micro-wave dedicated to treat blood vessels, a safe method, giving effectiveness immediately after treatment. RF waves emit high energy, allowing deep and prolonged impacts on tissues, deep enough into the blood vessels to block the treated blood vessels, then remove these blood vessels.


  • Doctors examine and classify the telangiectasia and skin condition of the clients.
  • Cleaning the skin of the treatment and anaesthetizing to make the treatment process pleasant.
  • Doctors directly treat telangiectasia by direct micro-point RF.
  • Specialized drugs are given to bring home.


  • The most advanced technology in telangiectasia treatment.
  • Suitable for all pathology level
  • No pain, no need to rest.
  • No effect on the skin structure.

The interval between treatments is 2-3 weeks.

The results after treatment at CC Clinic: Removal of 80-95% of telangiectasia.

In addition, to own healthy skin, doctors at CC Clinic recommend that clients should combine with CC therapy to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, bettering to the skin restoration. (Link CC therapy)

* Treatment results may vary depending on the physique and the habitus of each person.