The hot and humid climate of Vietnam in particular, in Asia in general and the incorrect skin care of many women makes the skin very easy to be dark. More than 70% of Vietnamese women’s skin is tan, pigmented and unevenly colored. When the women are 30, the skin begins aging, and the melasma is clearer.

Well understanding that problem, CC Clinic introduces the PiCo Yag technology which is the most advanced technology in 2017 for the treatment of pigmentation and skin rejuvenation by lasers.

Unlike some Picosecond laser devices on the market, the Pico Yag uses 1064 and 532nm dual waves on the same system, which can effectively treat on a wider spectrum of pigmentation on all skin types. Pico Laser is the latest revolutionary technology in pigmentation removal and skin rejuvenation with laser. The Pico laser, which has a very short pulse, taking into account the picosecond, is a much higher update than the Q-Switch Nd Yag laser technology. With very short pulse, it will create a strong photosensitivity -> muscle impact, (instead of photosensitivity -> heat impact), creating a compressive wave effect that decomposes the pigments into very small pieces, thus, the body rapidly absorbs and discharges, reducing the color quickly, while reducing significant damage to neighboring tissues. This helps to remove the pigmentation of melasma and freckles more effectively and at the same time protect the skin better than the previous laser (thanks to less heat generation).

* Treatment results may vary depending on the physique and the habitus of each person.

Pico Yag has been certified by FDA – USA, CE Europe for safety and effectiveness. Duration of treatment is 3-4 times shorter than normal treatment but the effect is very high.

Application in treatment:

  • Melasma, freckles, dark marks, etc.
  • Reducing pigmentation, birth marks
  • Removing the tattoo, wrinkled skin
  • Removing scars
  • Skin rejuvenation


  • Treatment time is shorter than normal treatment
  • No pain, no skin damage
  • Quick effect


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