Scar is the result of the natural protection system of the skin. When damaged, our skin immediately produces new cells, collagen, elastin, etc. to fill the wound. However, in this process, there are sometimes abnormal proliferation, making skin structure deformed and scars formed.

Scar tissue is formed by a disorder of the skin structure, so applying a product on the scar tissue to regenerate the skin may not be highly effective, or the improper scar tissue removal may cause more serious scar.

With a scar caused by acne, it is severe sequelae after acne. The dark marks due to acne may self-blur over time, but the scar will exist so lifelong.

Pitted scars are the result of a widespread necrosis inflammation at folliculus pill. The scar is sunken in the skin.

Keloid is the result of an overgrowth of collagen fibers; like the hypertrophic scars, keloids protrude from the skin and may cause itching and pain. Keloids often appear depending on the physique of each person.

Stretch marks: After giving birth to a child or due to too rapid changes in body size, some sensitive skin areas appear stretch marks.


  • The laser method at CC Clinic – a preferred new technology today – is the perfect combination between traditional laser and differential technology to create more superior features than the old methods.
  • Able to locate the injury is accurate. Thin laser may control the exact depth of the epidermis and remove the scar.
  • Short duration of heat effect does not affect the surrounding skin.
  • Stimulating cell growth, promoting collagen regeneration, speeding the recovery of the damaged areas.
  • Able to remove dead skin cells blocking pores at the scar area, returning the clear and smooth skin, stimulating blood circulation, helping skin tissue healthy.


– Quick skin regeneration effect

– Not causing skin damage, safe for the skin, no side effects.

– No rest time


  • The doctor examines the scars, then advises and offers a appropriate course of treatment to each skin type and age.
  • Cleaning skin and anaesthetizing the treated area to make the treatment process pleasant.
  • The doctor will treat each client directly.
  • Skin care products will be given to bring home.

The latest laser technology – Fractional Laser: scar removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle blazing, success rate: Effectiveness rate is  up to 80-90% after treatment.

* Treatment results may vary depending on the physique and habitus of each person

The interval between 2 treatments is 3-4 weeks.


CC Clinic has developed a more effective treatment package that is CC Therapy combined with laser. This is a method of stem cell regeneration, helping the skin to recover quickly. At the same time, it may solve other defects on the skin such as large pores, acne, melasma, pigmentation, skin aging, etc. (