“Changing Skin – Beautiful Look” is the charity program of the CC Clinic, giving to the difficult fate that needs to be treated to “change the life.”

Understanding and empathy from program organizers

Today, beauty is a very important thing in a woman’s daily life. When the beauty of women is kept intact after many years, it proves that the woman is successful and the ardor of passions is always burning. But besides, there are still less fortunate women who do not have the means to care for themselves and their beauty. Empathy and understanding that psychology CC clinic has created a charity program for special circumstances, the purpose is to improve the beauty and bring the beauty to all the women in the South area.


Smoldering the idea from the first days

To be compared with Let’s Beauty as a miniature version, the charity program named “Changing Skin – Beautiful Look” which is sponsored and implemented by Dr. Huynh Cao Cuong who is the General Director of CC Clinic. This idea has been smoldering by Dr. Huynh Cao Cuong since the early days of CC Clinic establishment. According to the doctor, “every woman wants to beautify and be beautified, to look after women’s beauty is their duty and responsibility.”

In order to have such a large-scale program, it required a large team, but the most accomplished person in this idea is Dr. Huynh Cao Cuong. “I find skin care in abroad is just as a normal need for women’s daily needs. So why do not we serve the beauties in our country, bring miracles to those who have the difficult fate and take the beauty industry to a new look? ” Dr. Cuong shared.

The huge investment and scale from CC Clinic

To make such a large-scale program, if in other countries such as Korea, the US, the investment and participants will reach hundreds or even thousands. But in Vietnam, the costs for these treatments are entirely attributable to Dr. Cuong and CC Clinic. So that we can see the investment and the heart of the doctor, they have spent time, effort and dedication to all this spirit, just want to bring beauty to customers and women.

But with Dr. Cuong, the program only really meaningful when coming to the final result is the rolling tears rolled down the cheeks of the characters, relatives and family. The full satisfactory results is when the treatment was successful, those tears were completely different with their teary eyes before they came to CC Clinic.


The great mind is the most precious thing.

When we do the work that we really love, it all comes from the mind. If you do not do all the heart, then it is difficult to succeed. And although this is a program that provides free skin care and treatment, doctors have to spend all their heart to remove the skin problems for women. “It takes effort, money and time, why not do it with all the heart?” – Dr. Cuong shared.

The program “Changing skin – beautiful look” will remove the problem of skin pigmentation, skin as well as the scar due to injury, bad birth-mark – causing aesthetic facial. Anyone will expect a perfect face. In this program you will be invited to completely remove the skin problem as above.


The ending for an opening

In Vietnam, programs that bring miracles to difficult situations are not something we are not familiar with. But each program has a beauty, a sense of its own. “Changing skin – beautiful look” by Dr. Huynh Cao Cuong has been readily prepared. Please submit the application quickly from today until April 30, 2018 and the program will last in April and May 05 of 2018 to accompany with CC Clinic. Dr. Cuong calls on everyone to participate in this program to improve the skin, change a new life, a better life.